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Dear community,

If you notice or suspect the use of unauthorized programs or mods that affect balance and fair play in the game, please notify us immediately. Reporting suspicious activity is crucial to maintaining a fair and fun gaming environment for all players.

How to report:

Your in-game name: Here you must specify your in-game name.

Your discord address: Your discord address must be specified here.

Player Name: Specify the name of the player or players you suspect.

Incident Details: Provide as much detail as possible about the suspicious activity. Include the map, date and any relevant information.

Evidence: If you have screenshots, videos or other evidence, please attach it here in a link.

Our Commitment:

All reports will be treated confidentially.
We rigorously investigate each report and take appropriate action in accordance with server rules.
We will keep you informed of the results of the investigation, if you agree to this.
Thank you for your involvement in maintaining a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for all our players.
We appreciate your continued support and collaboration to ensure a positive gaming experience for our entire community.

Staff Neith2-Global
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